Terms and Conditions


The Terms and Conditions, or The Terms of Use, or simply The Terms, are meant for making you aware of all sorts of rules and regulations that you need to follow while using this website (“www.apachebooster.com”, “Website”). Using the Website involves your visits, making purchases, browsing through our products/services, etc.

If you disagree with the terms enclosed here, you must stop using this site immediately. If you still use this Website, we will assume that you agree with all the points noted below:


We always try making the information displayed on the Website accurate as possible, including the texts, graphics, price structure, special deals and discount offers, relevant images, and so on. Although, we make no claims when it comes to guaranteeing their accurateness.


We make no compromises in terms of safeguarding your personal data. We have the latest choices of hardware and software equipment that do not allow any kind of unauthorized access. You may learn more on this by reading our Privacy Policy.


Apachebooster takes no responsibility if, by chance, you encounter any malware while opening the site or while receiving an email from us.


You may find some third party (hyper)links redirecting to some other web page that has no connection with us. Therefore, if you plan to browse that site and decide to purchase something from there, that would be entirely at your own risk. The Terms of Use of Apachebooster and The Terms belonging to another website would be different and so you would need to read through all to be aware of their policies.


We welcome genuine feedback from our users. This enables us to improvise with time. We might edit the comment section at times, but the base of the message would remain the same. You might also find baseless comments about our products and/or services in some random web pages that intend to defame us. At the end, it would be your decision after going through the testimonials, whether or not you would like to proceed.


The points of the Terms and Conditions being written over here are subject to get edited, modified, or entirely changed over time. Our users are, hence, requested to go through them all time and again in order to remain updated.


We have the authority to own all kinds of intellectual property, included but not limited to, trademark, logo, trade name, service marks, graphics, texts, etc. You are not allowed to copy, share, distribute, or send any of these things unless permitted by the owners in written format.


We knock the door of The Law if we find out that some of our users are negatively affecting us and we are getting severely harmed by their unauthentic actions. The Law and Order that we follow belongs to India and so anything arising would be sorted out by the help of its decision making only, whether or not it seems in favor of the concerning parties.


We have the authority to clear anyone's existing account. We can do so by knowing that you were infringing our protocols and we no longer trust you as our user. Once terminated, we won't allow you access to our Website. If you have purchases being made, we will cancel all the related procedures that ought to be done and notify you via email. You have the right to prove your virtue with supporting evidence. Apachebooster would go through your claims with care and then take measures accordingly.

For further concerns or queries you may anytime reach us at the following address:
O301, B-Block, SCK01, SmartCity, Kochi, India
OR reach us via electronic mail at support@apachebooster.com