Privacy Policy

Please go through each point that is written below to understand our Privacy Policy:

The Direct Information that we collect

We facilitate logging in through which you may willingly share your basic details to us, such as username, contact number, email address, and so on while registering your own account. This type of information keeps many of your details like the history of your purchases, status, etc. You will also be able to post a comment on our blog posts, or write testimonials. Having a personal account will help us reach you, and you too would be able to communicate with us. Although, we do have a separate Contact Us page, that you are free to use. You may also directly call us, or write us an email.

Other than that, it is the Credit card details that you would need to share during the time of purchase (only). We do not save such kinds of sensitive details with us but safeguard it using the latest and most effective SSL technology of many protective layers.

We do not circulate, send or share your personal details with any third party, except the following cases might appear on the surface:

1. We might need to support the law and order that requires seeking certain type and number of crucial details belonging to our consumers as well as us.

2. The third parties themselves are somehow involved in further order processing. Since these third party entities are bound by certain protocols and have only limited information of yours, you are not going to get harmed in any way.

Cookies Information

We may send one or more cookies to your computer system or mobile device that uniquely identify the browser you work on and will let you do the login faster, which in turn helps to navigate the site throughout. Cookies are a small text file that contains a string of alphanumeric characters. These convey Indirect information about each user who visits us. The information usually is about the pages you go through, your interest in a specific page, your history of purchases, and so on. We simply do this in order to enhance your experience by improvising ourselves.

There are two kinds of cookies – Session cookie and Persistent cookie. The Session cookie expires once you close your browser, i.e. the one which is used while buying a product/service. The Persistent cookie remains on the user's hard drive even after you close your browser. It is the Persistent cookie which remembers your login details and so you do not have to write them each time you attempt to log in. You are free to block all kinds of cookies through following your browser's settings.

Log File Information

This kind of detail is automatically shared by the browser of the device you use, whether a computer or a hand-held device, to our server. The server logs, in general, include the IP address, browser type, URLs, number of clicks made, and how you interacted with the domain names, pages being viewed, landing pages, and similar details.

Device Identifiers

We may access, monitor, or store the information of your mobile device (smart-phones, tablets, etc.) while you access our services, in the “device identifiers”. These device identifiers, that are small data files/structures, uniquely identify any particular mobile device, and can very well detect the users' activities. It too helps in faster login and navigation.

Getting in contact with you

We send timely emails to our subscribers and buyers whose email addresses are there with us. These email usually contains your order details, status, in case you have purchased anything. Other than that, we also send newsletters, special deals regarding the products' purchase, and so on. You may anytime unsubscribe in order to stop receiving them.

You may reach us at:
O301, B-Block, SCK01, SmartCity, Kochi, India