1) How to update Apachebooster?

Login to the server through SSH and run the script
This will update AB to the latest version.

2) Can I get Bulk Licensing?

Yes you can, all you need to do is to put a request to us at: sales@apachebooster.com. Please ensure your request contains the following details:
First name & Last name
Address with city, state, country and zipcode
Your Email Id and Phone number
Main IP Address of servers.

3) Is it possible to transfer the license taken for one IP address to another? & How?

Yes, it is possible. Simply, send us a mail at sales@apachebooster.com with the new IP to which you want to transfer the license. Once your request is received, our customer care executive will assist you with the process. After the license is transferred successfully, install Apachebooster in the new server and uninstall it from the old one. ( For un-installing Apachebooster, please refer to question no. 9).

4) Does Apachebooster support gzip compression?

Yes, Apachebooster does support gzip compression.

5) Does Apachebooster work on open source cPanel Servers?

No, Apachebooster works only with licensed cPanel Servers.

6) What all things do I need to check before installing Apachebooster?

You would need to ensure the following, before installing Apachebooster:
1) Ensure your server has a valid cPanel license.
2) Apachebooster is a combination of Nginx and Varnish and hence if you have installed any of them in the server, it might conflict with Apachebooster. So please ensure you have removed them completely, before installing Apachebooster in your server.
3) Please make sure, you have not installed any other similar plugins in the server. If installed, please remember to un-install them completely, to get the best results with Apachebooster.

7) How to disable the Apachebooster temporarily?

To disable AB, run the script
/scripts/manage_apacheboooster --disable
If you want to enable it again, you can run the script
/scripts/manage_apacheboooster –enable.

8) What should I do, if my website goes down after installing AB?

This does not happen normally. But there are certain cases, where, already installed optimization tools or perl modules can conflict with AB. If such a situation happens, please disable Apachebooster temporarily and restart apache to get the website working and thus to avoid any downtime, that might occur. The steps to be followed are given below:
/scripts/manage_apacheboooster –disable
And, please send a mail to support@apachebooster.com with your server login details; our support team will resolve all those dependency problems and conflicts within minutes to get Apachebooster online, with your domains loading perfectly.

9) Is there any platform where I can discuss issues related with Apachebooster?

Yes, you can put forth your ideas and suggestions at http://secureservernow.com/forum/main-category/apache-booster. Sign up and discuss with professionals and get professional guidance about apachebooster and servers.

10) How to uninstall Apachebooster?

You can uninstall Apachebooster with the help of the script available in the below given link: http://download.ndimensionz.com/uninstall.sh

11) Do I get a refund if I am not satisfied with the product?

The chances of you being unsatisfied with our product is almost nil, but for any chance you have any issues and you want a refund, you need to send us a refund request with the issue within 10 days of purchase being made. Your request will be immediately processed and a refund is credited to your account ASAP.